Release 59 - Version 0 34953 entries

The 172 entries uncorrectly subtyped as 1d or Rf_1b1d (AF207768) instead of 1b.
This error was due to incorrect assignment of L38372 (1b) as 1d subtype instead of L38378 in table 1 of Simmonds P. et al., 2005.
Error corrected since Release 59.0 of euHCVdb.

AB081032 AB081033 AB081034 AB081044 AB081061 AB113404 AB113405 AB113407 AB113409 AB113410
AB113411 AB113414 AB113415 AB113420 AB113422 AB113424 AB113425 AB113426 AB113428 AB113431
AB113438 AB113440 AB113442 AB113443 AB113444 AB113445 AB113447 AB113448 AB113449 AB113452
AB113454 AB113457 AB113458 AB113459 AB113460 AB113461 AB113467 AB113480 AB113481 AB113485
AB113488 AB113489 AB113491 AB113492 AB113494 AB113497 AB113498 AB113500 AB113502 AB113504
AB113505 AB113506 AB113507 AB113509 AB113511 AB113513 AB113516 AB113517 AB113520 AB113521
AB113522 AB113523 AB113525 AB113526 AB113528 AB113529 AB113530 AB113531 AB113536 AB113537
AB113538 AB113539 AB113541 AB113542 AB113544 AF046163 AF046166 AF145454 AF207768 AF282667
AF515962 AF515963 AF515982 AF515983 AF515989 AF515990 AF515991 AF515993 AF515999 AF516000
AF516001 AF516008 AF516010 AF516011 AF516012 AF516020 AF516021 AF516038 AF516039 AF516040
AF516041 AF516052 AF516061 AF516062 AF516065 AF516066 AJ291248 AJ507269 AJ880695 AJ880698
AJ880702 AJ880707 AJ880715 AJ880725 AJ880726 AJ880729 AJ880731 AJ880733 AJ880735 AJ880738
AJ880741 AJ880742 AJ880748 AJ880752 AJ880753 AJ880754 AJ880755 AY172641 AY172648 AY257073
AY257425 AY257432 AY257433 AY257435 AY257436 AY257449 AY257450 AY257452 AY257454 AY682462
AY767335 AY898897 AY898900 AY898901 AY898903 AY898904 AY898906 AY898911 AY898914 AY898919
AY898924 AY898925 AY898926 AY898928 AY898929 AY898933 AY898934 AY898936 AY898937 AY898939
AY944648 AY944660 AY944665 D10641 D10642 D10643 D10644 D10645 D14189 DQ155507
DQ155547 X76414