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The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2020 "for the discovery of Hepatitis C virus".

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Server (UP/DOWN) : Indicates server status (If the satus is "down", searching the database is not possible)
Release : release and version numbers of the euHCVdb database
Date : the last update date
Entries : the number of entries in euHCVdb


It describes the euHCVdb project, the team, the financial support and how to cite this database.


All the news concerning euHCVdb database (update ...) and euHCVdb website (new page ...)


Nomenclature recommendations.


Static pages used to describe HCV genome (genomic part) and HCV polyprotein (polyprotein part).
You can view complete multiple sequence alignments and experimentally solved 3D structures.


Only if server status is UP.
Sequence: this option allows the querying of the euHCVdb sequence database. See Query help for more informations.
3D-Models: this option allows the querying of the euHCVdb-3D atomic model database.

HCV Tools

HCV dedicated tools for data analysis.

Other Tools

Other tools for data analysis.


Links on other useful databases.

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