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EditAlignment is a multiple alignment editor written in java.

EditAlignment's features :


The Jmol Applet allows the 3D display of molecules within a web page.
For more informations about Jmol, see Jmol website.
For more informations about scripting commands, see Jmol interactive scripting documentation
WARNING: JMol page uses JavaScript. Check that JavaScript is enabled in your web browser.


The Java applet require Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to run.
If your JVM is not installed, you must install the JRE (Download)

You can test your Java Virtual Machine (JVM) here

If your applet is not displaying properly, please check these additional configurations:
1.Enable the JRE through your Web browser
2.Enable the JRE through the "Java Plug-in Control Panel"
3.Clearing your Web Browser Cache

If you are unable to perform any of the steps above due to an error, please reinstall the JRE.

WARNING: Increase the JRE memory by setting the options -Xmx128m -Xms128m (for 128 MB of RAM allocated to the JVM).
The Java Plug-in Control Panel enables you to change the default settings used by the Java Plug-in at startup. All applets running in an active instance of Java Plug-in use these settings.
Start the Java Plug-in Control Panel as follows:

For increasing the memory, click on "Advanced" panel and add options in "Java Runtime Parameters" line.
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